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Tri-Point Construction Layout Inc

Tri-Point Construction Layout Services

Tri-Point offers a wide variety of services in the area of union and non-union construction layout. Services include:

Construction Layout

Tri-Point can perform all your layout needs; such as roadways, bridges, curb lines, utilities, building pads, etc.

3D Surface Modeling

Tri-Point can provide you with an accurate surface model which will be created using the engineer provided electronic files and will represent all the sections, profiles and details provided in the paper plans. This surface model can be used for any of your site layout equipment such as GPS rovers, robotic total stations and machine automation. The surface model will also give you the ability to monitor quantities and perform progress earthwork volumes.

Earthwork Estimating

If you have been provided with electronic files with your bid documents, Tri-Point can make the existing and proposed surfaces and provide you with cuts and fills to sub-grade or finish grade and modify the final volumes with any other features necessary; such as topsoil stripping and replacement, road sub-grades, etc.

Technical Support

Tri-Point can assist in helping your company bridge the gap between the office and the field in the area of:

 •Creating surface models

 •Line work mapping

 •Points files to use in your field equipment

 Also Tri-Point can assist in setting up methods and procedures of downloading and uploading this information to data collectors and machine systems (i.e., bulldozers, motor graders, excavators).

Visit Tri-Point's Website at www.tripointny.com

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